Iowa Fireworks – Manage a Location

Bellino Fireworks, Inc. is currently looking for organizations/individuals to operate a summer fireworks location in Iowa. Bellino Fireworks will be expanding into the Iowa Fireworks market this summer 2017 as a Bill was recently passed to allow the sale of fireworks in Iowa. We will have opportunities across the State of Iowa as we are adding 40-50 Iowa firework locations.

iowa fireworks

A brief summary on Bellino Fireworks:

  •  Midwest based company (Omaha, NE Headquarters)
  • In business for over 35 years
  • Family-Owned
  • Retail Company. No wholesaling.
  • Roughly 130 locations in four different states (Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri and Kansas)
  • We are looking to add 40-50 locations in Iowa for the selling season of 2017

Bellino Fireworks is looking for motivated individuals/organizations to manage a fireworks location. This is a great opportunity for college students/teachers looking for summer employment! We also work with non-profit organizations: civic organizations, youth sports teams, churches, etc. to provide them with an opportunity to fundraise via an operator role.

Operator duties/roles:

  • Provide all necessary staffing for one of our retail locations
  • Set-up interior of the sales facility
  • Track inventory
  • Cash register/credit card operations
  • Overnight security/re-stocking
  • Clean-up sales facility when season is over

Bellino Fireworks provides a turn-key operation with no up-front cost to the operator. Items included are:

    • All necessary items to operate a fireworks location
    • Tent/Location
    • Product/Inventory
    • Product is supplied to operator at no cost
    • We take everything back at the end of the year
    • Tables
    • Price cards
    • Advertising
    • Cash registers/credit card machines
    • Training for all aspects of the operation
    • Insurance

Each Operator is compensated off of a commission structure. The commission structure is as follows:

  • 15% commission on all sales between $0-30,000
  • 20% commission on all sales above $30,000

Our other locations provide operators with the opportunity to receive proceeds in the range of $6,500 – 17,500. This again is with no up-front cost to the operator.

If you or an organization is interested in become an operator for Bellino Fireworks please email