Fundraising Information

There are great opportunities to make money by both selling Bellino Fireworks and providing space from which Bellino Fireworks are sold in Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and South Dakota.

Throughout the years, Bellino Fireworks, Inc. has worked with hundreds of organizations, including local Chambers of Commerce, youth athletic clubs, churches, colleges, individuals, for-profit companies, etc.  The opportunity that our company provides to these organizations has consistently been the most successful income-producing event that they hold each year.

We provide an extensive training program and manual to all of our operators which should answer any and all questions that you may have about the general operation of your fireworks store.  The development of our training program has been an ongoing process for many years, and we continually strive to improve the level of assistance and service that we provide to our operators.

Bellino Fireworks will handle all details in assuring an efficient operation including, but not limited to, training, license application, set up, tear down, clean-up, liability insurance, and product guarantee.

Training: Bellino Fireworks provides a 25 page manual for all organizations operating a location. This manual outlines all aspects of set up, tear down, clean-up, customer payment system and product education. In addition, we provide training classes for leaders within each organization to review the manual and answer questions.

Location Set-up: Bellino Fireworks will make it a turn-key operation for both the landlord and the operator. In addition to extensive training, we provide the tent, cash registers, credit card processing, fencing, tables, signage, and a product to maximize your sales opportunity.

Insurance: Bellino Fireworks provides twice the coverage required by industry standards. Liability insurance covers, the operating organization, city and the landlord.  Our Product Liability coverage is effective 365 days a year eliminating any liability exposure to all parties involved.

Bellino Fireworks has impacted communities for over 35 years. From churches, civic groups to youth sports teams, we have helped all organizations go above and beyond their mission and provide more for their membership.

To find out more information about fundraising for your organization please give us a call or send us an email.